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Course Details
We offer different types of courses and of different duration. The list is not exhaustive and from time to time more courses would be added. Many of them are practical Training and workshop practices.

Short Term Courses

  1. Training in laboratory skills and GLP *
  2. Quality assurance in Microbial Quality - suitable for Clinical laboratories, food industries, confectionaries and soft drink units *
  3. Microbial Isolation training for Industries - suitable for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies *
  4. Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques- suitable for R&D units in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industries.
  5. Fermentation Technology - suitable in Pharmaceuticals, antibiotics production, brewery, food technology, enzyme production units, bio fertilizers and bio pesticides units.
  6. Training in Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, trademarks and copyrights).
  7. Introduction to Project Management in Biotechnology - suitable for consultants, project management jobs or trainers.
  8. Bioinformatics - suitable for drug research companies and BPOs
  9. Plant Tissue culture
  10. Over view on Biotechnology opportunity
  11. Introduction to Herbal Biotechnology - suitable for Herbal extraction units and pharmaceuticals
  12. Introduction to Opportunities in Marine Biotechnology
The above courses marked with *are valued at Rs. 3000 per participant. One of the course can be opted by El Dorado category registrants free.

Long Term Certificate Courses and Need Based Courses:
( Duration could be from 1 to 4 months)

  1. Plant Tissue Culture
  2. Fermentation Technology
  3. Herbal Biotechnology
  4. Effluent Treatment and waste management
  5. Quality Assurance Training
  6. Bio fertilizers and Bio Pesticides
  7. Algal Biotechnology
  8. Aquaculture Quality Assurance Training
  9. Food Processing Biotechnology
  10. Setting up other peripheral biotechnology Industries
  11. Basic Biotechnology Practical Training
  12. Basic Marine Biotechnology Practical Training
  13. Industrial Biotechnology


Enquire for the date and cost of training for above or any special training, which your job may require.

We also offer Entrepreneurship Training in biotechnology!

Enquire if you want to set up small-scale industry or consultancy or franchises for other Industries and Project Management Centers.