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Frequently Asked Questions

For Job Seekers

General Questions
1. What is the specialty of compared to other online manpower organizations?

First of all Allbiotechjobs .com is not a manpower company but a company offering training in Biotechnology and related subjects and bringing Employers and the Job seekers together. The company is backed by the sister company, GeoMarine Biotechnologies (P) Ltd which is specializing in research, education and training in biotechnology. This is not just an online entity but an organization where you get a one to one interaction.

2. Whether one can apply for job opportunities in all fields?

No. the job opportunities are only for biotechnology, life sciences and related subjects like chemistry and chemical engineering that are required by the biotechnology industry.

3. Can I register for this service free?

Yes. You can register as well as post your resume’ absolutely free, though you also have an option of posting in Premium or El Dorado which are paid services.

4. What is the catch of your free service?

There is no catch, nor any strings attached with it. However, if we find an equally qualified candidate from our paid services, the preference will be given to them.

5. If I have registered free, how will you inform me of the job opportunity available?

You need to login into the site and view whether any employer is looking for you. We post such requirements periodically.

6. As a free registered person what else I get?

You can view the classified section which lists job opportunities published in leading newspapers / magazines / journal which essentially means that you need not purchase or subscribe for all newspapers and magazines spending so much money.

7. I have registered as a Premium candidate. What is that special I get compared to a
candidate registered free?

Your resume’ is available to the employers for six months as compared to only three months as in the case of candidates registered free. You are assigned a Unique Number which talks about your education, number of years of experience, subject, etc which help you in getting the job in a preferential manner. You can also click on the advertisements displayed on the site to apply for the posts.

8. What is this El Dorado category and what advantage it gives me over others?

El Dorado in Spanish means Gold mine! Since this category provides you job opportunity not just based on qualification alone but also imparts you special training that gives you a cutting edge over the competing candidates. This is where is not just an online entity but an organization which takes care of your need on one to one basis.

You are also entitled to get programes worth Rs. 3500/- besides all the facilities enjoyed by Premium category. And what is more, the facilities are available till you get a job. You are also guaranteed an interview letter.

Resume’ posting
1. What if I cannot write a beautiful resume?

Don't worry. We are not worried about your resume’ writing skill but about your qualification and technical skills. That is why we have placed a simple pulled down menu for posting your resume’.

2. Can I apply for the advertisement buttons or banner displayed on the site?

Yes, but only if you belong to Premium or El Dorado category. If so, just click on the button or banner which will take you through posting.

3. When I press the post button, I get an error message. What shall I do?

One or more entries might have error or you might not have filled it. Follow the instructions and correct the entry. Errors usually are shown with a red aster mark.


1. If I pay through DD, how long it will take for my account to be activated?

After the realization of DD it would normally take 48 hours for your account to be active.

2. What if I had paid for Premium service but now want to upgrade to El Dorado category?

You can upgrade at any time within 1 month after your registration by paying the difference, i.e., RS 2200. Account older than one month needs to pay the entire amount for up gradation.

3. If I had once made a payment but want to withdraw, can I get back my money?

Like any other services on earth, the payment once made cannot be refunded. However, for the type of service you get, you would never even think of this option.

1. In case I have some doubt in your services or programes, what should I do?

First of all read the relevant offer and then go through the FAQ. If you still have doubts, you can write to us at

2. How long will it take for me to get reply on my query?

In the normal circumstances, within 48 hours you will get a reply.

For Employers

1. What is the specialty of compared to other online manpower organizations?

Please refer to the question no. 1 under the job seeker category. As an employer, many of your work in search of the right candidates is reduced. What is more, we search for the right candidates suited to your job (not the clerical work as done by manpower agencies but the screening done by the scientific panel), interview them and train them practically (only El Dorado category).

2. What is the catch of your free service?

There is no catch and no strings attached. We would provide you the required candidates. However, if there is a requirement by employers registered under Premium and El Dorado category the preference will be given to them. However, your requirement posting will be available only for one month.

3. I have registered as a Premium employer. What is that special I get compared to a employer registered free?

An employer registered free can post their requirement only for one month. Whereas, you can recruit upto 5 candidates over a period of 6 months. The candidate's availability is informed to you through your email box.

4. What more advantage can I get if I register in El Dorado category?

You can recruit a maximum number of 20 candidates over a period of 1 year. We do a scientific screening among thousands of resume’ available. We also conduct interview on your behalf for the short-listed candidates. As per your requirement, we also train them in the specialized technical capabilities.

5. What if I need more candidates than I am eligible as indicated?

The maximum number of candidates indicated is for the payment that you have made. However, if you require more candidates to be recruited, you can do so by paying an extra sum. Please enquire for your requirement.

For queries on payment and support refer above